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Yevo:™ Cutting-Edge Nutrition Technology Disguised as Every-Day Foods you Love to Eat!

Why Yevo Works: It's all in the Delivery.

The REAL FOOD delivery system is what makes this different. Yevo Perfect Nutrition is in the form of actual food making the nutrients recognized as food which in turn trigger the nutrient sensors and are absorbed and thus utilized by the body for repair and maintenance. Pills, tablets and capsules, potions and powders are not recognized by the body as food and are subsequently underutilized, a bit like getting a drink from a fire hose. It's there but most of it misses the target.

Yevo 43 Essential Nutrients Whole Food Delivery System is Proteins, Amino Acids, Enzymes, Vitamins, Minerals and even Omegas - all in Raw UnDenatured Form - all in the exact dosage & proportion the body requires in food every single day, but quite literally no one gets.
This is different. This is Yevo™.

Yevo™ Launch Call Feb 2, 2015    

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New Sugar Free, Non GMO and Gluten Free Yevo Products

Quick Answers For Pertinent Questions

Why Yevo? Why Now? [CLICK Here]

Why Yevo? Why Now?

100 years of processed food has brought so many new things into our lives. We have the convenience of having almost any kind of food we want anytime and for cheap. The Grocer Giants have become discount outlets for the Industrial Food Giants, the producers of cheap industrially-produced food products that have been stripped of essential nutrients.

The Industrial Food Giants have become preparatory agents for the Medical Industry, stripping out essential nutrients and leaving us with economical food that eventually brings negative consequences in our health, causing us to turn to the Pharmaceutical Industry for relief of symptoms and conditions that did not even exist in America until 100 years ago. Our compromised diets mean eventual compromised health and a Big Payday for Big Pharma.

Surprised to find out you've been raised in one system to process you, condition you and prepare you for another system?

[speaking of escaping a SYSTEM, Yevo breakfast has been called by some "Matrix Food", referring to the food they ate in the movie "The Matrix". It contained every single thing the body and mind needed.]

Cheap Food is Cheapend Food (Pay Now or Pay Later)

How many conditions can you think of that names had to be invented for in the last 120 years? Fibromyalgia? Diabetes? Multiple Sclerosis? Coronary Heart Disease? Hypertension? It's a big list. Before the Industrial revolution which brought us cheap, mass-produced, processed food products, no one in our families had ever heard of these conditions, because frankly they were too rare for us to be aware of them.

The grocery stores of the 1800's. Do you know what they were? They were your husbandry, YOUR Garden and Your animals, your neighbor's garden and your neighbor's ranch. The care, cultivation, and breeding of crops and animals was a way of life because it was the only way to survive and thrive. It was the American Way. We grew and raised our own food. We traded our products with others producers to get the all the things we needed for our families. The store in the local town was typically called a "Dry Goods Store" and the things we got there were adjuncts like spices, baking powder, baking soda and salt, sugar and coffee; tools, nails, fencing wire, Fabric and thread; things we could not make or grow easily. The local store was never our source of nutrition.

How things have Changed.

Our Food source is now the "Big-Mart" around the corner where our buying decisions are often made based on price and size and variety, not nutrition. When we make those choices, we choose to cede our nutrition decisions to Industrial Complexes commonly referred to as "The Food Giants", the brands like Kraft, General Mills, Kellogg, Pepsico, Post Foods and Nestle. When they can temp you to buy cheap, cheaper and cheapest, they now have the power of your present and future health.

The Farmer's markets and open air swap meets are the closest thing we have to the way things were when we were by-and-large a healthy nation, when diseases were viruses and such, not diet-induced debilities like we experience today.

Even foods you think are healthy have often been stripped of nutrients. When you open a can of vegetables, you believe you are getting whole vegetables but in reality that can's contents is fully cooked. That boiling deactivates the enzymes and boils away the things that make raw food RAW FOOD. Yevo Food is never cooked, Not by Yevo and not by you. It starts raw, prepares raw, preserves raw and enters you raw, with all the nutrients intact.

Yevo has acquired one of only a handful machines in existence on earth that can prepare and preserve food without cooking out the nutrient value. This preservation process is more than dehydration or freeze-drying, so unique it has it's own patent.

Yevo: We make bad foods good, good foods great and great foods outstanding.

Why Yevo Works. It's all in the Delivery.[CLICK Here]

Why Yevo Works: It's all in the Delivery.

Pills, potions and powders are not solid food. Yevo is.

The REAL FOOD delivery system is what makes Yevo different. Nutrient Dense, High Viscosity Food. Yevo Perfect Nutrition is in the form of actual food making the nutrients recognized as food which in turn trigger the nutrients sensors, causing the body to detect, absorb and utilize them for repair and maintenance, for energy and balance. Pills, tablets and capsules, potions and powders are not recognized by the body as food because they are not in whole form and are subsequently underutilized.

There are a quickly growing number of green powders out there, many very nutritious and making a difference in people's health, but no matter how potent a combination of raw foods, they are not food in solid form, do not coat or "stick to" the nutrition sensors in the digestive tract and instead, pass right through, only partially absorbed and utilized.

Yevo's one-of-a-kind viscosity technology is the key to getting the High-Density Nutrition detected by the nutrition sensors, absorbed and utilized.

That means all 43 Essential Nutrients - Proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and even omegas - Macro-Nutrients and Micro-Nutrients all in the exact dosage in the exact proportion the body REQUIRES IN FOOD every single day, but quite literally no one gets.

This is different.

This is Yevo.

PLEASE Read! The Right Way to Buy Yevo The First Time [Click!]

Buying right for Your Purposes is Important
We recommend if you are Tasting or Trying, Enroll at the $50 THEN Afterward BUY the Big Bags, 1 Bag=1person for 1 Week

Helping You Understand How to Get What You Need from Yevo
[ Are you Tasting, Trying or Taking on Yevo? ]

Tasting Yevo is not Trying Yevo, It's a one-time experience, more akin to Trying-It-Out rather than Trying-It-On. Understand? Seriously, if all you want to do is taste it, chances are fairly good that, as your Yevo Distributor with my info at the top of this page, I will send you a single packet, all you have to do is call me and ask me.

What to expect: It may be thicker than you are used to. That's the one-of-a-kind patent-pending viscosity technology. If You thin it to make it more like what you are used to, you'll be defeating the purpose - Don't do that. Yevo's one-of-a-kind viscosity technology is the key to getting the High-Density Nutrition detected by the nutrition sensors, absorbed and utilized for repair and maintenance. Taste a bite before you put anything on it. I had my butter and brown sugar ready but ended up not using anything. You probably won't need to use your usual condiments either.

Most people report not being hungry for many more hours than normal after eating Yevo. My own experience and that of several of my contemporaries was in the 9-10.5 hours range with no hunger, no cravings for snacks and unusually elevated energy levels throughout. Many noticed Clearer Thinking and Increased Mental Acuity. The Amino acids in it would seem to bear this out as far as reasoning is concerned, but your results will be your results. Some folks are more in tune with the way they think, feel and move than others.

Trying Yevo is about seeing what you experience from putting this "Next Generation Complete Nutrition Delivery System" to work For You in Your Own Body which means actually "doing" Yevo at the two meals per day for the 100% of Essential Nutrients for a period of time. (each one has 50% of daily)

What to Expect: As Perfect, Complete Nutrition is introduced into your life for the first time. [no, you have never had it, it's true ] Your Body will begin to balance itself because you've given it Real Tools and Real Supplies to build with. Most folks report noticing postive weight changes as this balancing occurs. If you are heavier than you'd like, you'd be wise to write down your weight the day you start and maybe take a phone picture of your face close-up, as many people report weight loss after two weeks (I lost 8lbs) and most folks see skin tone improvements.

If You know you want to be a distributor, then Buy one of the Enrollment Packages to make sure you get some of each available product. If you are TRYING Yevo, then just enroll at the $50 enrollment Fee and when you finish you'll be right there in your new backoffice. Then click SHOP Go and Buy what you need for a Two Week Tryout. Thats Two Big Bags per Person. I Recommend trying the Apples and Cinnamon & the Rice Cereal, 1 each for Each Person!

Make sure you mix it 1-to-1 ratio Yevo-to-water (2/3cup each) even though the label says use two scoops, 2/3 cup is 1.5scoops. They're fixing that. :-)

Essential Nutrients

We all know what those two words mean, but how many of us have seen them used together before now?

    Essential Nutrients are those nutrients that your body absolutely needs to survive and thrive. There is absolutely no debate amongst scientists or researchers or anyone anywhere you go, that the vast majority of us no matter where you live; no matter if you are a man or woman, no matter if you are old or young, no matter what race you are; no matter where you're from; nobody gets sufficient essential nutrients.

    Let's think about that. You might say that if you get 50% or 60% of the essential nutrients, you'd feel pretty good about that. So you feel pretty good about getting 50% of what's absolutely essential? Really? Let's put it another way.

    Would you feel "Pretty Good" about going to work wearing only 50% of the clothing that's absolutely essential for going to work? How well would your car run if you only had 50% of the essential parts? How about as a parent, if you only did 50% of what is essential for raising your kids? How about your Marriage? Or how long would you last at your job if you only did 50% of what was essential?
Kind of crazy when you think about it that way, right?

    When you think about what we DO put into our bodies, all kinds of artificial and processed things, we don't put the good stuff in, instead we put all kinds of things that are not recognizable as Nutrition by our bodies. Our bodies don't know what to do with that, our bodies simply can't use those things to build and repair and maintain itself.
And then we're kind of surprised when the response from our bodies is weight gain, inflammation and slowing down.

Do you have what it takes to be an AGENT OF CHANGE?

In 1911, hydrogenated oil, aka: Crisco, was invented.

    If you compare maps of populations that consume Hydrogenated Oils in the primary food supply with a map of the occurrence of many modern conditions and diseases including Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, even heart Disease and Diabetes - Your Eyes Will Open. This amazing correlation is no coincidence.

    In the last 100 years hydrogenated oils have gone from non-existent to present in a staggering over 70% of our primary food supply. Convenient, low cost, long shelf-life foods have come at a terrible cost to human health and wellness. The ease of preparation, great taste and freedom from the kitchen have given way to conditions and diseases that names had to be invented for because they did not exist before. Food companies have manipulated food, focusing their energies perfecting the "unholy trinity", the perfect combination of Salt, Sugar and Fat that excites the "bliss" or pleasure centers of our brain, and always leaves us wanting more.

    This addictive agenda causes us to eat more of the empty calories because our brains send the message NOT ENOUGH. This has opened the door for an Industry that did not exist before, the Pharmaceutical Industry. As the food we eat creates in us conditions in growing severity, "Big Pharma" has become the most powerful industry in the civilized world.

    Yevo™ Food is carefully designed to provide all 43 of the essential nutrients as well as the "good fats" and protein needed by the human body. It's patent-pending viscosity properties coat the stomach and properly activate the nutrition sensors there so that the brain send the "THAT'S ENOUGH" signal, leaving us satisfied emotionally and nutritionally.

What will your life be like after a year of Yevo™?

A Personal Message from Peter Castleman to you.

When you think the words "Great Company", what comes to mind? Apple, Google, perhaps even Microsoft? To me a great company is two things:
1. DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY - that means it disrupts the way that things were done before. It changes them; Faster, Better, Smoother, Broader, Cheaper, Whatever it may be. But it changes the technology or the ways of doing something.
2. A TRANSFORMATION COMPANY - It either Creates a new Industry or Transforms an old one. Pretty simple, right? Those are TWO of the Most Important Characteristics.

We all invest our time and money into something. Why Do you invest? To make lives better, yours and others. Did you invest in Apple, Google or Microsoft when they were privately held Companies? Why Not? You weren't invited?
I am inviting you now.

ALL I Do Is Build Companies. That's what I Do. [Click to Read More ]

Let's imagine, for a minute, a Company that, since many of us are in the supplement business;
We'll call the Pill Company, the "Magical Pill Company".
What does this Pill do? It's been approved by every single government agency, FDA, USDA, and those equivalents around the world. It's supported by the best science. Everyone says it's great. It does magic things! Energy, better sleep, higher libido, less inflammation, less hypertension - all those things that bother us daily. It does really wonderful long-term things! Helps reduce the risk of chronic disease, all those awful things that happen to lots of people.
But it's not just health...It's MAGIC!

It brings people together, it creates Joy, it creates Laughter, it's the thing that people get together for, no matter where they are in the world, no matter their nationality or practices - IT BRINGS US ALL TOGETHER.

It's a cost that people already spend money on - on bad things and just moves them over to something that's good. There's no increased cost in what they have to do.

It's a modern day product. I've got a busy world. It goes with you. It goes anywhere you want to go. Or you can have it at home. It's truly a DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY, and it's truly a TRANSFORMATIVE COMPANY.
Who would like to invest in this Pill Now while it's a private company?
Guess what?

It's not a pill. IT'S SKIP'S MEALS. IT'S YEVO'S™ FOOD!

And I am Inviting you to invest.
It's 43 Essential Nutrients that we need every day. Every Person in the World. Every Place. Every day for the rest of their lives.
And if they do that very good things happen.
THIS IS NOT ANOTHER MLM. This is not another Fairy Dust Story or some Hero Worshipping thing.
And I am inviting you to invest.
Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

All I do is build companies.

That's all I've ever done since I was 12 years old when I started my first home improvement business at a summer camp for Kids. I've been blessed to be part of a team that have built 11 Billion Dollar PLUS companies in various industries.

The first Is EON LABS:
I bought Bankrupt assets and 20 years later sold it for 8 Billion Dollars.

Advance PCS:
I bought a $10 Million business and grew it to a $16 Billion business.

The North Face
I bought Bankrupt assets and built it to the Iconic Brand it is today with $3 Billion in Annual Revenues.

STR Holdings
Based on my Harvard Honors Thesis for Solar Energy. Took me 20 years to execute the plan to make it a billion dollar company we sold to the Chinese.

My best IR deal. I was fortunate enough to turn $15m into a Billion dollars in two years.

Caris Life Sciences
This is mapping the human genome and making personalized medicine, the cutting edge of the future word of western medicine.

This was a massive water-rights deal and almonds which have become incredibly expensive due the water shortage in out west.

Pharmanex and Herbalife - I'll talk about a little later.
I said 11 (companies) - I believe I'll have twelve before I am done, this being the most important thing I am doing for the rest of my life.

I believe it's the biggest Idea that I've ever been involved in.
I believe it's arguably one of the biggest ideas of our generation.

35 people & a Billionaire Budget. They believe Peter Castleman can pull this off

The First 35 Members

Hippocrates said, 'Let thy food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be thy food'.

Multi-Billionaire Peter Castleman has placed a Extensive Budget aside for this vision to fundamentally change the way people get healthy and stay healthy by changing the food they eat. Every one who joins us in this Pre-Launch phase is a Founding Member right along with these 35 people who were the very first. What do these people know that I don't know?
It's Who, not what.
They know Peter Castleman Personally. They believe he can pull off one the biggest ideas of our generation.

Your Time is Now. Don't miss it.

What if, one day, all Schools got their cafeteria food from Yevo™? What if One day, because of Yevo™ Food Nutrition, the supplements industry shrank from prominence as the Go-To solution to improve health to an industry only for the very sick? Our Nutrient Dense Food has water soluble nutrients, fat soluble nutrients, full chain amino acids, essential fatty acids, full mineral complex, macro and micro nutrients, everything a child needs to grow up smart and healthy, so yes, I can envision that.

Do you know that you can get started for as little as $50? You'll be sent your back office login and you are set to start building. No Big Buy-in, no auto-ship Requirement. No Fairy-dust Pyramid System. Straight Uni-level. As Fair as it gets. You work, You Earn, PERIOD.

Whatever Package, $50 to $560, that I choose, I get to be a part of something that really could change the world. I get to be a part of something that could be as 'Norm-Changing' as Apple, Google & Microsoft. Wouldn't you like to tell your grandkids that you were one of the founding members? Wouldn't you like to be reaping the benefits of world wide acceptance? Mexico, Japan and Korea are next, and then....? It's worth it to me. How about you?

Yevo - Not another MLM

Not Another MLM.
No Big Buy-in to max payplan.
No Forced Autoship to Qualify!

You have a willingness to work hard for reward, a good sized circle of some level of personal influence, yet with current MLM policies you can't maximize the business plan, because frankly you don't have $1000 to $2,000 sitting around to spend on the big buy-in so you get the most out of your efforts. This is YOUR Career! With YEVO, there is no remunerative advantage to buying in Large. You say there's a lot of companies that Require that? Yes, but the time is coming, the day of reckoning, when they are going to have to change. YEVO has planned for that day!

Peter Castleman's Business Success did not come from going along with "the herd". He Plans. Every Move is Strategic. Every tiny detail has vital purpose for long-term success.

NO Auto-ship Requirement to get paid

YEVO™ has no Automatic Distributor Purchase Requirement to Qualify for pay. Personal Volume to be qualified is designed to come from your customers, NOT YOU! In fact no more than 50% of your qualifying PV CAN come from your purchases!

Many MLM's only survive because of distributor auto-ship requirements. Frankly the products aren't good enough and are priced so high, few people would consider being a customer only. That practice cannot exist anymore. Through Legislation, the personal consumption business model upon which most companies depend for survival is coming to an end. YEVO is on the FRONT EDGE OF THIS, out in front of that, insuring compliance with the new regs, for YOUR Long Term Success. When the regulators come and look at our plan as they will for all MLMs very soon, You won't have to worry. Peter Castleman planned ahead for you.

Our Compensation Plan was written to suit YEVO's™ personality by the 2-Time DSA Winner Dan Jensen Consultants, the only organization to ever win the Prestigious Direct Selling Association Award twice.

A couple of years from now when people are suffering because their MLM could not survive the new regs, You'll be already in motion, already established and already successful. You'll be the light in darkness.

YEVO's™ focus on customers translates to stability and longevity. Retail sales is 25% commission. Signing a preferred customer earns you 15% on everything they purchase. But in ADDITION you get a 25% BONUS on everything someone purchases in the first 30 days. That's a 40% payout.

Visit the compensation plan page here and watch the video carefully. Watch for the Leadership Bonus Part. Yevo™ is a Company THAT PAYS LEADERS to LEAD!

in 1976 Apple was think different- now it's mainstream. A food MLM seems so far fetched now but so was a computer in every home back then.

Think Different.
Think Yevo!™

Nutrient Dense, High Viscosity, Unprocessed, Raw, Organic, USA Grown, Storable Food.
Is there a market for that?

Of course there is, but you and I know where that market is. That's why we, as network marketers, are being chosen to make the public aware and pave the way for these products becoming mainstream.

Who Needs Yevo?™

Every mother (and father) on the planet who has a busy hectic lifestyle (most do) who want to be able to quickly choose from any of our 100+ prepackaged healthy, nutritious, tasty, affordable meals, to be able to quickly deliver their family a quality meal, without the daily 'work-after-work' of slaving in the kitchen for hours on end after the work day is done!

Who else will be interested?

>>>How about Single folks who work all day in a good job only to come home to a frozen microwave dinner? (we've all eaten our share, been there, done that.)
>>>   How about the growing sector of folks who are preparing for the unkown? The YEVO™ 3 year guaranteed shelf life is limited only to the nutrients being 100% intact after three years. Peter and Chip have only been working on them that long, so the test is limited. Experts are saying that the food will last as long as 20 years.
>>>   What about the elderly who may spend days housebound if a snowstorm hits?
>>>   What about the tens of of millions of outdoors people, campers, hikers, hunters?
And don't forget the RV'rs and Airplane Food Sufferers!

>>>   How about the millions of college students who are eating pure junk food for nearly every meal for convenience sake? Encouraging that concerned parent to 'Get a YEVO Subscription' for their College Student would be of inestimable value, to the parent for peace of mind and for the College Student's health and convenience simultaneously!
>>>   What about all the millions of kids that are home alone after school, looking for something to eat, and reaching for the 'hot-pockets' instead of tasty nutritious Yevo?

Food Technology

   "I was very shocked when I tried only a few bites and wasn't hungry for 4 hours! That is NOT like me "
~~ Sara H.

    We tried our Oatmeal and Rice samples yesterday and were amazed that no butter or sugar was needed. But what was TRULY UNUSUAL was the fact that we ate them at 9:00am in the morning and neither one of us were hungry all day. I had unusual energy and actually worked all day on a project without taking a break. I normally take a power nap during the day. But here's the thing. We were NOT hungry until 7:30pm at night! WHAT? WOW! And when we did eat around 8:00pm, we were not famished as if we had purposely gone without food all day. We only had a small bowl of cereal for dinner and we were satisfied with that.

   The Proprietary Technologies performed in an amazing fashion. OVER TEN HOURS WITHOUT HUNGER - that's gotta be the "Viscosity Technology" element, right? And the Unusual Energy all day long - that must be the "Good Carbs" Element, or maybe my body really needed something in the 43 Essential Nutrients that I wasn't getting before. Whatever it was, we have something major here, this isn't an overpriced bowl of oatmeal, this is Impressive Food Technology that performs as advertised!"
~~ David and Dolores